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How To Do The Webtoon Filter On Tiktok

A new effect called Webtoon filter now showing up on the social media apps like tiktok and Instagram reels. people who love watching Kpop, mahwa, and BTS found using this effect more as well, if you are also a hard-core fan of these you can also try this one today!

webtoon filter tiktok

people who used this app says that you can also make yourself looks like a webtoon character by playing a special cartoon effect available on the app and you will fall in love with your own looks!

actually, by using this webtoon filter app, It transforms your normal looking photo into a cartoonish anime look as you have seen before on many recent trends like anime face characters, etc, some users think its a filter that is available on the tiktok, but yo8u have to use another app to create one!

Right Now is the best time to make your version of this trend for attaining more reach than usual on your video based on this trending topic, because every popular creator is trying out these new viral things and getting good results as well.

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How To Do The Webtoon Filter On Tiktok?

To create the webtoon filter on tiktok or on Instagram, you guys need to use this app called PREQUEL. that is available on android and IOS as well, it’s an amazing Aesthetic editing app where you can transform your photo into cartoonish easily!

webtoon filter app tiktok

To make this simply open this Prequel app, on the home page you will be able to see an effect called cartoon on the top, if it’s not showing up there you can also search for it from the top right side, after then open it’s page and tap on Use preset option.

then you need to add your photo from the mobile device, it may take some time to apply the final edits so you have to wait some time and save it on your mobile device, you can add many photos as you like, it will show the watermark on the images, to remove it you may need to purchase the premium version.

after saving all of the images use any video editing apps combine all of them to the timeline and export the output with the music you wish to use in it!

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