get charge glove and killer badge in slap battles

How To Get Charge Glove Killer Badge in Slap Battles

Charge Glove and the killer badge is the newly released thing in the Roblox slap battles game. regular players are now trying to unlock this latest glove and experience its abilities and powers on other opponents or enemies in the game.

how to get charge glove killer badge in slap battles

The Charge comes with great superpowers like great movement control over other opponents, changing their movements to any location as the user moves. by using this will be able to move quicker with 16 speeds and 54x power and a lot more!

Slap battles is an amazing slapping game made for users who live competitive type genre where you need to beat others by using different hands. so many unique types of gloves (all of them have a wide range of features) can be used to attack opponents. only by doing good eliminations, the points can be collected.

Tencelll released this in 2021 and got more than 407 million visits with nearly 6 lakh above vote likes on the Roblox server. there is a huge fan base from all over the world too. around 15-20k+ regular active users came over to experience it.

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gamers are curious about this released item and looking for the easiest method to collect the killer badge in order to release the glove. Players having the 1000 slap points unlocked it by following the following method provided here.

Let’s check out how to unlock it

How To Get Charge Glove Killer Badge in Slap Battles?

To Unlock the Charge Glove first of all teleport to the Slap Royale Area. 1000 points are essential for doing this step to enter there. it will show a loading screen that requires up to 20 players to be joined to start teleporting. once you reach the world make sure to select the best one with higher abilities.

how to get charge in slap battles

by selecting one in the match time changing to another is not possible, so stick with the best one. after one minute of waiting time defeat a maximum of 5 players without getting defeated. after completing this special competitive round the killer badge will be awarded.

After getting the reward badge the charge glove will be shown in the inventory, to use it just go near the hand name and take it. then enter any map location and press and hold “E” to use the power on someone. it makes you move faster than before and beat anyone easily!

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