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Who Is Jamal Tiktok? Who Stole The Meme Trend Explained

Everyone on tiktok is now talking about a new trend: Jamal tiktok memes, creating videos on Who stole the wallet, cake, food, etc, and showing Jamal as the robber at the end of every video. right now people are sharing many videos based on this challenge that is going viral in a few hours.

jamal tiktok

After all of these memes about him, people are curious about what’s going on with this and why all users are talking about “it’s him Jamal is the real robber boy” in every video shared on tiktok videos. most users want to know who is the real person and his original social media accounts.

Every day new challenges and competitions are being created by popular influencers around the world. by creating content based on these compilations the creates are getting wider audience views and helping to increase the engagement on their account profiles.

So let us check out what’s all about this popular who stole my meme and that kid by adding the “you gotta move song by Mississippi in it.

Who is Jamal Tiktok? What is Who Stole Meme Trend

Jamal is a 12-year-old tiktok creator from the United Arab Emirates with the username @playboi_babatundae who makes funny reaction videos by roasting others’ content in English and Arabic. recently a video from his account went viral and started creating troll memes based on who stole the by adding his face to it!

who is jamal on tiktok who stole meme

Then everyone started looking up his profile on tiktok and found it. right now he has more than 90k+ followers and growing up quickly in a few minutes. recently a short post on their profile also became trending which got almost 3.4 million+ viewers and above 5 lakh likes!

The comment session is also flooding with more than 20k+ people saying finally we found the real Jamal, you stole my cake, bike, mobile phone, etc! because of this popularity others are trying to make fake profiles to get more likes and followers by using his name. the sound added by him on that current video got removed and the muted version is still there on their profile.

This boy became a sensation on the internet right now on every meme on Twitter, FB, Instagram reels, tiktok, etc. some also started comparing him with popular reaction star kaby lame, and in the coming days, he can be like kaby!

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What is the real Jamal Tiktok account name?

The tiktok profile username @playboi_babatundae is the original id of this boy, all of the other funny reactions can be seen there on this account. here is the screenshot mentioned below,

who is  jamal tiktok account

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