how to do eye color heart trend tutorial

How to do Instagram Eye Color Heart Wallpaper Trend Tutorial

Recently on tiktok and Instagram reels, a new trend based on eye color heart trend became very popular. people are now making wallpapers based on their eye color for tiktok videos using the Instagram story app. this new challenge became very interesting among the viewers too.

eye color heart wallpaper trend

The reason behind its popularity is because people use their couples bf’s or GF’s ( beloved ones) eyes colors to make it heart-shaped and using it on their mobile device as well, the color of the hearts changes according to their eyes colors black, blueish or brown, etc . you may have also seen many videos assuming it right?

Right now the majority of the users wanna create their own version of this heart-shaped eye color filter and set this as their wallpaper on the lock screen on any mobile device like iPhone or android. another best part is if you guys make a video about it now there is a good chance of getting it more views than usual as well.

If you are a person who likes trying new creative editing and trends you should try this one right now without thinking! following new trends is really a best practice to get more reach on social media sites like tiktok, yt, FB, Twitter etc. because while a topic is trending majority of the audience will search for those videos well.

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Here we are gonna discuss all you need to know about creating this eye color heart in steps by steps. also you need to use the insta app to create this photo as well. some people also think that there is an Instagram filter available to make to simply, but right now its not available there.

How to do Instagram Eye Color Heart Wallpaper Trend Edit?

To do this viral Eye color heart edit tutorial, you need to Open Instagram first, then swipe from left to right side or tap on create new story option. after that you need to select your eye photo from the camera roll. make sure that image is a high quality one and your eye is clearly visble.

eye color heart wallpaper trend instagram tutorial

Then you need to select the three or more eye lens colors, for this you need to select the draw tool from the top if its not showing up on top tap on the three dots to see the option. then you need to select the color selector tool from the bottom side. and drag it to the colors and draw it as marked on the screenshot provided below.

after that you need to save both 3 colors to your camera roll one by one by tapping and holding one color using the color selector tool. after saving these photos, you need to open insta story camera again and select the dark background one as the base background first. then use the add photo from gallery sticker to add the saved colors.

eye color filter trend tiktok

you need to tap on the photo again and again to transform it to the love heart shape! continue adding, again and again, all colors in order to make it more perfect-looking!

here is a video tutorial also provided below,

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