how to find the elf in bloxburg locations

How To Find 1-6th Elf In Bloxburg? Elf Hunt 2022 Locations

On the latest updates of the Roblox Bloxburg game experience, the developers added more elfs. right now every gamer is looking forward to collecting the 5th and 6th elf in bloxburg.

All of these items are hidden in secret locations on the map. every player knows that the map area is huge and without any guidance, it’s really hard to find all of them by roaming around the locations.

bloxburg elf locations

Bloxburg is a popular open-world type simulation paid game experience on the Roblox server which cost 25 Robux to start using it. more than 6.9 billion+ visits have been recorded till now and 4 million+ likes by the users. here you can play with friends in roleplay mode, build homes, ride and explore the world, and more according to your creativity level.

By collecting the elf, gives money and more bloxbux. it can also provide more extra cool features to the gamers. so let us get

How To Find 1-6th Elf In Bloxburg Roblox Locations?

To collect the first elf, find a refrigerator interact with it, and get a holiday cookie by searching for it.

by holding the holiday cookie driving car to the location mentioned on the video and giving it to them will get the first elf and 1000 money.

after joyfully eating the cookie and will give cash again and get 2nd elf.

every time you have to take a cookie before going to the location. 3rd one is behind a tree mentioned in the video.

4th one requires chocolate chip cookies and after taking it go to the burger place it will be inside there. following the right location can only help to find all of these items.

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The 5th elf bloxburg location is at the highway tunnel area. by entering inside the road tunnel it will be hidden there.

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6th elf is located near the gas station area motors roof as well. this one can give up to 2600 cash after providing the chocolate cookie. spending some of your time is required patience to achieve all of the available in this quest.

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