get guess weight filter effect tiktok and instagram

Get New Weight Filter Effect on Tiktok and Instagram To Guess Your Weight

Now an effect called weight filter is available on tiktok to check the current weight. some popular creators who use it shared videos by assuming they got the current figures while using it for the first time test. but actually, it is not possible and it always shows a random figure only.

weight filter tiktok

Every time the tiktok app adds new effects and filters to make the creators engage with their audience in different ways. people also started sharing videos on Instagram handles also going viral. after gaining popularity, some users are talking about its negatives and these type of effects should not be allowed on these popular apps.

Although after watching all of these contents posted on social media, everyone wants to know where to find it and use it on their mobile to check whether the weight guessing results is true or not for them. so let’s check out how to do it, will also include the best method to get it on Instagram.

How to get Weight filter Effect on tiktok?

To Do the Weight filter on tiktok, open the app after updating to the latest version from the app store. Tap on the search bar and enter “Weight Filter or How heavy do you think” there and search it. it will be shown in the top results.

from there select the video recorder option shown next to the name to open the camera directly and start guessing your own. if it’s not shown there on the results that might be not available on your location/region. some of these items are not available in specific areas.

you can also use this direct link or another one to open the app directly without spending more time looking up it by doing the search method.

How to use weight filter on Instagram?

There is a wide range of similar effects available on Instagram browse gallery. it can be accessed from the add story area as well. for new users who still don’t know about it read this guide on looking up a filter on Instagram by using the name easily.

To make videos with the real one, which is only available on the tiktok app only, in order to use it that app is required for doing this trend.

weight filter instagram and tiktok

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