fix couldnt load sticker on tiktok ai manga effect

Fix Couldn’t Load Sticker on Tiktok Ai Manga Filter Not Working

Recently, many users are facing couldn’t load sticker error while using an amazing effect filter named “Ai Manga” and not working well. it became a trend all over the world, using these people shared cool images and videos showing the transformation output they received by scanning their face and objects images with it.

couldnt load sticker tiktok fix

This Ai manga character effect is made by the tiktok developers. because of its interesting output creators on tiktok started using it for more than a million videos that have been shared under its feature page. when someone applies it from the effects session and shows their face or something behind the camera, it will change to some anime character look after some loading time.

it’s one of the best ones to try out right now on the app, who love to play with filters and try new content will blow their mind. but now, so many beginners who tried to use it are facing some technical issues while applying it on their mobile devices, and the scanning feature not working well as before.

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How To Fix Couldn’t Load Sticker on Tiktok Ai Manga Filter not working error?

If you are facing couldn’t load sticker error while trying to load ai manga, here are some fixes to solve these problems while applying these types of memory and data-consuming effects,

  • Clear Cache data of the app
  • Try Checking your Internet Connection Speed
  • Use wifi if you are on mobile internet
  • Remove and Re-Install the application
  • Use Vpn Apps and switch region
  • Always use an updated version of Tiktok
  • Try it on the latest android or ios version devices
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in some cases, server issues faced by high usage can also face these problems too. many creators made content that shows asking for help because of couldn’t load the sticker pop-up every time when they tap on it. Still, it is available there on the list and not removed. the developers are working on an update on it to improve some bugs and in the coming hours will be solved soon.

could not load sticker ai manga filter not working

for some time using any of the best VPN app and changing to others region works well. trying and implementing all of these solutions will help to overcome major reasons that happen every time on both iPhone and android devices.

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