how to get shiny pets in pet simulator x

How to Get Shiny Pets and Relic In Pet Simulator X

The new pet simulator x Roblox game update was released recently on 12th December 2022. this pet has more abilities and powers when compared with previously added ones like the rainbow.

get shiny pets pet sim x

players are now looking for the easiest methods to collect this rare pet and experience its features and powers inside the game. relating to this many users who also play pokemon mentions that they also have the same items there too.

so here is how to claim this brand new pet easily on this Roblox pet sim x. for collecting this requires more gems and other modes should be unlocked.

How to get Shiny Pets and Relic in Pet Simulator X Roblox?

To get the Shiny pets, you have to Teleport and go to the “Hardcore Mode” and reach the fantasy area first. while roaming in the area, on the left side corner a door with locked chains can be noticed.

get shiny pet in pet simulator x

Tap on the “E” button on the keyboard to enter the area. after getting into the secret cave area, in a corner side will be able to see a golden-colored shiny relic.

Head over the shiny relic and have to give 250 million diamonds in order to claim it from, before entering this area make sure to have enough diamonds.

after collecting the relic a pop-up will be displayed saying the chances increased! then while hatching different pet’s eggs have more chances to achieve the desired item.

if someone goes to the secret area rather than from the hardcore mode, it shows a locked message. for making more gems visit the trading plaza and try selling unwanted pets to others from there.

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Players having the shiny hunter pass on the game have more luck compared to others but it requires more money. there are many different versions that can be collected by hatching like golden helicopter cat with 204T power, rich cat, and more!

the developers try to provide updates every week and provide the best experiences to all gamers.

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