get and remove invisible body filter effect tiktok

How To Get and Remove Invisible Body Filter Effect On Tiktok?

how to remove invisible body filter tiktok

many videos and rumors popped up on tiktok assuming the Invisible body filter effect was removed from the initially posted content by famous creators. around 1 lakh+ people made crazy versions using this and shared them as reels and shorts. some tutorials are also available there showing the step-by-step process of changing the applied filter to unblurred or reverted original versions.

Right now this Invisible body filter is going as a trend all over social media apps, when someone adds it to a video, it will make their body invisible, and can’t see the face and other parts of the person who stands behind the camera and shows only the dress they wear and the background behind them. that’s incredible right? here is how you can do it,

How To Get and Do Invisible Filter Video?

An invisible Body filter is an effect available on the tiktok application which can be used to record this type of content by using your iPhone or android phone. using the updated version it can be accessed easily by simply searching for it on the search bar or using it from this direct link provided here.

the icon looks like this as shown in the screenshot provided below,

invisible body filter effect app tiktok

How to Remove Invisible Body Filter On Tiktok?

The invisible effect can only be removed by the original users who made the video with it and the item is available or saved to a drafts option. from drafts, the effects can be removed by selecting the none option while doing the edits. if that one is already published it can’t be reverted to the real version.

Alternative ways to remove the Invisible Body Filter from the video some Discord servers are there to do the removal process. by sending the original content to their DM’s. but most of them are totally fake and most of them are asking to pay the fee for the process.

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make sure to stay away from these fake things such as short tutorials because most of them are a total waste and no way to change the videos saved to camera roll from others’ profiles you have seen on tiktok using the editing tricks. many assumptions and reports are still going for this version because creators are using it in the wrong way.

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