how to get lost souls badge in tds tower defense simulator

How To Get Lost Souls Badge and Warden Skin In TDS

A new rare skin called Slaughter Warden Skin and Lost souls badge has been added to the tower defense simulator in the recent update of October 31, 2022. this item has many features as well, while upgrading from level 0,1 to 3 and max level the overall looks change too!

how to get lost souls badge in tds

TDS also known as tower defense simulator is a fun-to-play Roblox experience game by developers named paradoxum game that can be played by everyone from any age group. here you have to do certain challenges and tasks, fight with enemies by joining a team with friends, etc to collect rewards, badges, and coins in it.

This game has over 2 billion+ visits recorded on Roblox with more than 1 million upvotes as well. after the update, most players are now looking for the best and easy methods to unlock this new security guard-looking item and experience its abilities.

on level 0 it looks different with no eyes and mouth look when compared with 1. the eyes and mouth will only be shown from level 1. and the stick holding in the hand gets bigger after upgrading the levels to stone axe etc. the lost souls badge is required for unlocking it. let us check out how to get this badge.

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How to get Lost Souls Badge and Warden Skin in Tower Defence Simulator?

To collect the Lost Souls badge in TDS (tower defense simulator) all four players in the group should have minigunner, commander, shot, scout, and any other towers with the last spot. good teamwork is required to complete the mission successfully.

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the gameplay interface will turn to black and white and the whole music will be changed when lost souls are activated and show more options on the right side of the screen. the golden perk or gold mini is also required to defeat this map. then you have to win in order to achieve the skin by following the right strategy. doing it individually is a very challenging and hard process.

get warden skin tower defence simulator

use the free tower slot according to the 4 players. try 1 st player with DJ to collect more DJ and farm for the next player to make money from the mines and overcome waves in the game. use medic for the next one for healing purposes and Ace pilot for the last one.

After competing in the Triumph pizza party after wave 40 this rare Lost souls badge will be awarded and the slaughter warden will be offered!

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