how to repair bow minecraft

How To Repair A Bow In Minecraft with anvil and grindstone

We all love to play games, especially video games, mobile games where Minecraft is soo entertaining. Minecraft is a construction game that was developed by Mojang’s Studio, here players indirectly each other with the help of 3 dimensional modified environment that is built and which is made up of several blocks and entities. It’s visually so pleasing and entertaining.

How To Repair A Bow In Minecraft with anvil grindstone

Minecraft Game is one of the most popular games around the world, but there are some technical errors or complaints about the gaming, which always experience damp anger!

While playing the game right, it’s an adventure, game so in some technical issues, we will lose our valuable time is going without any mentors. Why this type of fault on this games so we should repair its problems. Here bow fixation is the main problem in this game.

How to repair a bow in Minecraft?

The bow is highly destructive in nature. Defense is the main feature of its usage, and which is used in predator haunting and encountering opposite teams. This can be of two different types:

• Enchanted bow
• Ordinary book

Enchanted bow – Which can shoot and afford more and more arrows. It is used to make your own tools and weapons and also helps to increase the damage to enemies.

Ordinary bow – By its name itself, this is a common type, only countable arrows. This does not cause much damage to the enemy, and this can be used mainly for defense.

Bow fixation in Minecraft:
There are several ways to solve problems regarding the fixation of the bow, which are simple and easily understandable.

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the First method is by using anvil in Minecraft:

Anvil is the substance required to fix Enchanted bow in Minecraft, which is also used to remain content and combine substances in inventory. If you need an anvil inside the craft, then add four iron ingots and three iron blocks in the inventory box.


• Develop 3X3 craft table.
• Keep three iron blocks and four ingots.
• Thus new enchanted bow was created.


First, Select your damaged bow, keep the damaged bow in anvil of inventory, keep the bow in the first slot and add new materials. Use it to modify defective on the second slot.
If you have numerous enchanted bow, then you can combine and use them with the help of an anvil, which will modify the old one and gives ultra-special weapons.

The second method by using crafting table:

Add two regular bows to a craft table from the inventory box by repairing the defective bow turns to a durable and powerful bow , where you can easily improve the defective bow to a new 100% resulting from the crafting table.


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• Make a crafting table in Minecraft.
• Arrange two ordinary bows in dimension 3X3 blocks on the crafting table.
• The new bow or the repaired bow will have some extra features like long duration and quality also increased.
Crafting table method is now applicable to ordinary bow and not good for enchanted bow, why because when to try to repair enchanted bow in crafting method enchanted bow loses its features and lost its duration so it is better to fix ordinary bow in crafting method, and enchanted bow in anvil method.

The third method by using grindstone:

The Grindstone method is an extra feature in Minecraft games, which is helpful in fixing defective bows, which is mainly used to make new tools and weapons with the combination of old or defective tools and weapons, which is the cheap and easy-going method.

Materials required:

  • Two sticks.
  • One stone slab.
  • Do oak planks.
  • Steps-
  • Making a crafting table on Minecraft.
  • Craft a grindstone using the materials mentioned above.
  • Add two bowls two grinding.
  • New bow is created with long durable with enhanced features.

here is the tutorial video on how to repair an enchanted bow!

Playing Minecraft it’s pleasurable and entertaining, but some disappointments or some technical issues may cause unbearable loss and anger, so here are all answers or remedies for all your doubts regarding bow repairing. There are three easy ways to fix or repair bow in Minecraft,

• Crafting method is a cheap and Easy method suitable for ordinary bow in Minecraft.
• Anvil method is exclusively for the enchanted bow, which helps to modify as you want.
• Grinding stone method is helpful for both ordinary and enchanted bow, but also it is suggested to enchanted bow and also grindstone. Which mainly used to modify our old tools to a powerful ones.

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