let me take you dancing tutorial for tiktok and instagram

How To Do Let Me Take You Dancing Trend Video Tutorial

The Let me take you dancing like tata reel trend video edits is now getting more view and attention on social media apps like Instagram reels and on TikTok. on this challenge, video creators first show up 4 photos in a grid mode, and according to the music sync the photos changes.

how to do let me take you dancing trend video

If you have watched a video based on this trending challenge, you may also want to create a video with your own images or for your beloved ones. some people also found making birthday videos using this music added in it.

Here we are gonna learn the let me take you dancing trend video editing tutorial easier way only by using your Instagram app and a video editing application. you can also use the photo editing apps to make the 4 photos grid, there wise you can go with the Instagram story.

by creating the trending videos on Instagram or on TikTok which helps to blow up the content easily without any effort, because you don’t need to do the sharing and ask friends to like it! you will get more extra views and likes by adding the appropriate hashtags and exact music that all users are being used on this trend.

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How To Do Let Me Take You Dancing trend video (Instagram reels and Tiktok)

To make the Let me take you dancing trend video edit, first, you need to create a grid by adding your 4 photos. for this open Instagram app and tap on the + button or swipe left and select the story option. from there just select layout option and choose the first layout!

how to do let me take you dancing Instagram reels video and tiktok

After selecting the layout just add 4 photos and adjust it. then you can save it to your gallery by tapping the download icon shown above as well. After that you to make the video you have to use a video editor application.

Here we are going to choose the shot video editor. open it first and add the saved grid photo first and adjust the long duration to 2.2 seconds. now you have to add the next 4 photos in the order to that timeline. the duration should be 0.5 seconds each.

the duration can be adjustable by tapping the photo it will show up the speed option from there adjust it to 0.5 sec one by one. after that add this music to the video timeline by selecting the music icon shown above the video editor timeline.

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this is how you make the let me take you dancing video for both the tiktok app and for Instagram! if you have no Instagram app to make the grid you can use any other photo editing apps as well!

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