how to use more than one filter on tiktok

How To Use More Than One Filter on Tiktok

many users have doubts about using more than one filter effect on one tiktok video while recording it! you may have noticed many popular creators are posting videos by applying multiple effects in a single video right? actually, it is a very simple process!

on the tiktok app, you can use many filters as you like during the recording time stamps one by one only! if you want to add many effects at a single same time it’s not possible or that feature is not currently available on the app right now.

But you can do it by saving the videos by applying the one effect one by one to the same clip and saving it on your camera roll. then open the video recorder on the app and add the saved video again and select another filter you want to apply to that video clip again.

if you want to add more repeat these steps again and again! this method only works well with some effects like beauty, color grading, etc but ar related effects may not work properly if you import videos from the gallery and apply it.

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If you want to know how to use more than one filter in an official working method, just follow the steps provided below,

How To Use More Than One Filter on Tiktok?

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To use multiple effects in a single video while recording,

how to use more than one filter tiktok
  • Open Tiktok
  • Tap on the + or create option (shown at the bottom center area) and select music
  • Then select camera and select time 15s, 60 seconds,s or 3 minutes as you like
  • Now select any filter from the effects icon shown below the left side
  • then tap record and stop it
  • Now tap on the effect icon again and select the next filter you want to use and start recording!
  • repeat the steps, again and again, to use more filters while recording one video on tiktok.
  • That’s how you can do it easily!

here is a tutorial video also provided below or check this one,

when you do this and post it to your profile, all of the names of the effects will be shown above your profile user name as well, from there all of the viewers can easily access all of the unique filters you had been applied in the video.

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