13 thoughts on “How To Reply A Specific Chat Message In Instagram iPhone and Android 2021”

  1. Sara

    There isn’t any update messaging option in setting I’m using the latest version of instagram

      1. Mhiz Coletta

        Using iPhone 8+ and no option to reply

        1. are you using a private account? and connected with Facebook?

  2. Sagar

    I too have the same problem .. I’m using my new oneplus 8T

    1. hello Sagar, many users already have this issue with some Instagram profiles and android versions, what version you are using?

    2. Dianshan Ee

      Same here using iphone 7s but no option to “update messaging”

  3. Sumit Belwal

    Hi Bro i have this same issue on my one plus 8t.
    Please help.

  4. Suriya

    I m also facing same problem.. My devuce name is realme narzo 20.. My app version is v145

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