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How To Do Shrek In The Sky Filter Trend On Tiktok

Shrek in the sky filter is the new viral trending effect getting more popular this week! you may also have seen many videos by using this popular one on Instagram reels too! but currently, it’s only available on the tiktok app. if you have seen on insta videos that’s might be saved from there and posting it!

tiktok shrek in sky filter trend

the dancing Shrek filter is really an amazing funny effect that you should try right now, by applying it on the app you will be able to see the Shrek character dancing behind you on the sky, its movements are really funny and cool as well, you can also do the same steps like him too! majority of tiktok creators already posted funny moments by using it to get more views.

if you are also a creator who like to get more reach and followers, following the current trend on social media might helps you to improve your growth more liberally without spending too much time on the quality contents, because if any trends going on, people will always look up them by searching it directly on the search, so if you add correct tags and keywords there is more chance is getting featured on the top results and getting recommended to the wider audience as well.

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How to do the Shrek in the sky filter on tiktok?

To get this effect you need to search for “Shrek in the sky” on the search bar on the tiktok application after updating your app to the latest version available from AppStore. some users also complained that they are not able to find it via searching it directly.

shrek in the sky filter tiktok

if you are not able to see it because of these reasons, if your version or mobile os is not compatible with the effect, or your country may not support that filter can also be the reason. this can be fixed by using any VPN app and changing the location might help you to use it without any issues.

you can also use this Shrek filter effect link to open it directly on the app without searching for it!

when you search for it you can open any of the videos created using it from the results, then you will be able to see the name popped up in yellow color above the creator’s username. simply tap on it to open the effect page. to use it just select the use effect icon from the bottom.

then you can place the camera anywhere with a sky background to work it well! here is the icon of this filter, so you can find it from the effects session too!

shrek filter tiktok icon

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