who is Vladislava Galagan instagram she hulk

Who Is Vladislava Galagan Instagram She Hulk Body Builder Age Place Weight

Vladislava Galagan is the new Instagram star sensation who is now going popular on the internet. the Instagram profile is getting more attention right now and followers are increasing quickly. most people on social media call her a She hulk because of her amazing physique style and cute look.

Vladislava Galagan instagram she hulk

most of the videos and images on her Instagram are now receiving many comments and likes. everyone wants to know all of her biographies like Vladislava galagan’s age, height, weight family, place, income, work, husband, etc. some of them are asking to share the diet plan and daily exercise routine too!

Who Is Vladislava Galagan Instagram She Hulk Body Builder?

Vladislava is a great inspiration, especially for women bodybuilders around the world. she is a bodybuilder from temryuk, Russia. she loves to be an athlete and likes to do adventures in her childhood days. later participated in many competitions as well.

They also started a tiktok account too which also started growing in a few days. after watching the older videos posted on insta people are getting impressed by seeing the transformation change which is visible in previously posted reels. In the comment session, users are appreciating her efforts and hard work that helped her to attain the current look.

What are the real Instagram id and Tiktok of Vladislavia galagan?

on Instagram, you can access her profile from the @vladigalagan username easily, right now the followers are near to hitting 200k, and on tiktok @slavagalagan with 3800+ followers and still counting! recently a photo pose was uploaded with a funny caption that says she is looking for a house husband to make food for her! the followers started commenting hilarious comments there saying they are ready to mingle!

What is Vladislava Galagan’s Place Age, Height, Weight, marital status Bio?

here is the biography of Vladiaslava

Vladislava Galagan Age24
Placetemryuk, Russia
Height5’9 175 centimeters
Weight85 kg
Marital Status Single
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following a good diet by avoiding using fatty foods, chocolates, oily items, etc, and going to the gym consistently made her a stronger woman. she says that woman’s empowerment is an essential thing and should take decisions in their life and follow their dreams without deciding with others.people all over from every part of the world get to know her and most of them became their fans.

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