disney princess cartoon filter tiktok snapchat

How To Get New Disney Princess Barbie Cartoon Filter Tiktok/Snapchat

Hello Everyone! Looking for How To Get New Disney Princess Barbie Cartoon Filter Tiktok/Snapchat or instagram/ how to get disney character filter on tiktok that is all of the users are using? the cartoon disney charecter princess filter or the barbie face filter is a trending effect filter used by a lot of users around the world.

disney princess cartoon filter tiktok snapchat

what is the Disney princess filter on TikTok?

By using the Disney filter on tiktok/ snapchat or instagram it transforms your face into disney character look as well. if you are a girl by using this disney cartoon proncess filter it looks like barbie face also as well, lot of videos on tiktok found using this anime cartoon disney filter that is getting viral on all social media and internet.

There are so many versions of this anime cartoon filters already realeased on instagram, snapchat and tiktok, those versions of anime filters that changes your live face to cartoon character like disney aready used my millions.

But now there is an updated filter effect came out on the snapchat application which works with both the boy face and girl face to a cartoon anime disney character face on the live snapchat camera. tiktokers already shared using this filter videos by tagging the Hashtags like #Disney_filter , #disney_cartoon_filter_tiktok etc/

How To Get Disney Princess Barbie Cartoon Filter Tiktok/Snapchat?

To get the Disney filter/barbie filter cartoon on tiktok/snapchat,

  • Open the Snapchat application
  • Tap/switch to Snapchat Explore/Search area
  • Now type “Cartoon” and select the first one created by Snapchat
  • now you got the Disney Princess/ barbie cartoon filter
  • hold the record button to record it / tap camera roll to select a picture from the gallery
  • Then save it to the galley from Snapchat to use it on TikTok/Instagram

You can also use this direct link for The Disney cartoon filter/ barbie filter effect on Snapchat/Tiktok applied demo versions of images for girl and boy face is provided below,

disney princess barbie filter tiktok snapchat

The boy face version looks like this as shown below, if you want to get this type of filter on Instagram you can easily find it by searching it on the Instagram filters gallery. if you don’t know how to search just follow this article on “HOW TO LOOK UP A FILTER ON INSTAGRAM“.

cartoon disney filter tiktok instagram

Still, if you are looking for another version of anime cartoon face filters for TikTok check it out here as we created a separate article for Cartoon face filter Tiktok.

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