how to get dark markery and forbidden marker find the markers

How to get Dark Markery and Forbidden Marker in Find The Markers

on the Roblox Find the markers game the developers has been released the latest update on the server and added new markers as usual if you are a big fan of this game, might be curious about knowing the best method to unlock this new forbidden marker and dark markery.

It is said to be there are 3 different versions of markers that are now available to collect from different areas of the map. Find the markers is an awesome addictive adventure-based game where you need to find and collect many markers by completing special tasks or missions.

it has been developed by markers epic members on November 4th, 2021 on Roblox, right now more than 489 million+ visits recorded, and still going up as well. the creators followed a series named battle for dream island to build the characters and markers.

So here is all you need to know about all of the steps to follow and finding all of these items,

How To Get Dark Markery in find the Markers?

To Find dark Markery, first of all, you need to have Foilage Marker before entering the code in the hidden safe locker located in the Candyland behind the waterfall. after having the foliage, you can jump into the dark brown area easily to see the Hidden safe.

how to get dark markery in find the markers

then you need to enter the passcode “3882” and tap on go, it will show up a success hint on the screen. after that take the crowbar from the safe and teleport or spawn to the origin area. then go near the closed door seen there and use the crowbar and break it.

After that go carefully to the end area because there will be more darker, you will get the badge after reaching there, then go back to the teleport area and go to the space area. tp do this thing locate over the “Factory that will be good for the economy” location and go through the assembly line and jump to the dark square in the center to reach the rocket area.

After reaching space run towards the end (you will see an arrow mark) and jump and slide down to reach another hidden location and use the teleport item shown at the corner to reach another area. now go to the black door, you may feel very dark inside this area. make sure to increase your screen brightness to maximum to go over towards the area well.

if you are walking towards the left side wall only can reach the destination door, after reaching there just enter “evilpurplechainsaw” and hit enter! then will be redirected to dimensions of darkness world, all you have to do is defeat the enemy there. make sure to keep a distance from that to avoid getting damaged and try to eliminate it by running away from him.

The second dark markery enemy has more powers so need to compete with it carefully by jumping and mowing away without hitting anything. after destroying it the Dark Markery can be collected from there. Anyway it is a little harder thing to complete this mission.

How to get Forbidden Marker in Find The Markers?

To collect the Forbidden marker enter the first small house located above the steps near the spawn area. then go near the wild card and open chats. then you have to type “I hate wild card” to transport to another location. then open the door go through towards the end.

how to get forbidden marker in find the markers

actually, it’s a little confusing one and one enemy will follow you there as well, so avoid it by running and try roaming around there to find this forbidden marker. you can also watch the following video to see the directions more easily,

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