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How To Get Manga Aesthetic Filter on TikTok

The manga effect filter on tiktok is now the most talking one right now! manga animation lovers are using this truly amazing one that makes you look like a character that you have seen in the comics or series. this one is not much new filter but it became popular and attention a few days ago.

manga aesthetic filter tiktok

the manga lovers use it as a challenge by using the hashtags like #mangafilterchallenge and posting the videos using it on tiktok and on Instagram too as well, if you are also a die-hard fan of these arts you can also now see your own looks by applying simple effects without using any other apps.

some people are still confused about the process of how to find and do the video by adding the manga effect. some of us may think it is available on the Instagram effects session because of watching so many videos on the reels, but please note that right now it’s only published on tiktok. you may also see a similar version as well you look up the filter using the names as well.

So here we are gonna check out the best way to do the manga filter challenge video easily by using your mobile device whether it is iPhone or Android, all you need to have is a tiktok app installed on your phone!

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How To Get Manga Aesthetic Filter Effect on Tiktok?

To get the manga filter, make sure to use an updated version of the tiktok app, after doing that open it, and on the search or explore page enter the keyword called “manga Aesthetic” on the search bar and tap on the search that is shown on the top above right side.

manga aesthetic filter effect tiktok

Then you will see the effect shown above with the name manga aesthetic with a video icon shown next to it. all you have to do is just tap on the video icon to start filming your own video with this effect. that’s it. before making the video you need to select the music you wanna add to it.

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You can also simply use this manga effect by using this effect link that will allow you to open the effect page directly. then you need to select the use this effect option to open it directly on the app.

to get it on Instagram all you need to use is the tiktok app to film it and save it to your camera roll because there is no exact one available now there.

What is the Manga effect icon on tiktok?

here is how it looks like, you can find it from the effects session as well.

manga aesthetic icon tiktok

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