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How To Get Filter vs Reality Instagram Filter

The Filter vs reality Instagram filter effect has been applied by many Instagram creators and users to show the real face effect and face with the filters on the same screen. this filter is also going like a challenge as well, people challenging every one to show their real face looks without any filters.

Here we are gonna discuss how to find this filter by exploring all of the easiest methods and best versions of these effects with the effects links as well, so you can use them from any of the devices like iPhone, android etc without any errors.

This filter vs reality effect also available on another video-sharing platform like TikTok too, on the Instagram filters session there are other versions also available as well, one version shows two split screens and shows texts above like one with “filter” and another one with “Reality”.

The next popular version of this filter also shows eyebrows too and amazingly cool effects too, this version is mostly used by girls. anyway, people are very interested in knowing others real faces. most of the followers or users don’t seen everyone in the real life if you are also willing to share your real face or wanna create a cool video, you can try it out.

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So here is how you can find this effect,

How to Do Filter vs Reality Instagram Filter?

To find and use the Filter vs Reality effect on Instagram, you have to update your app first from the AppStore. Then you can search it on the Browse gallery area. if you are a beginner you can check this guide on – How to look up a filter on Instagram by using Name!

Searching it using the filter name is the best method to find any filters, if you follow this method you guys will be able to swipe through all of the similar versions published by users too. so you can get the exact filter easily.

Another simple method is by finding the effect creators profile, here are the best filter vs reality effects listed below with their creators name and effects links.

filter vs reality instagram filter
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You can find this filter from the insta profile named @mr_abhi_28 or use this direct link to open the filter automatically on the story camera.

filter vs reality filter instagram

The above type one can be found out from the profile @fayedickinsonx as well, or get it from here!

if you love to share funny moments with your followers and friends you should try this out today! some also shows the same faces on the filter and reality tabs by assuming there is no similar changes while applying the effects.

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